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It all began at the age of 12 when I have my first recollection of a Labrador Retriever. It was in Ohio when I saw this big black Labrador playing frisbee with his owner. Over and over again the frisbee was thrown and the Lab always brought the frisbee back. When he was tired (he being the owner & his arm) the Lab took the frisbee under the bleachers laid the frisbee on his front paws and then put his head on the Frisbee.

That was it I was hooked! No other breed of dog would do only a Labrador Retriever. Little did I know how much pleasure and how many close friends this breed would bring to me.

The kennel name is named after our first Labrador Retriever Shadow. She was black, nothing to look at in terms of type for the show ring, but she did follow me every where I went. She was afraid of thunderstorms and died one night at the age of 14 while it was storming. At the time I lived on what would be considered a mountain, thus Shadow Mtn™ Labradors. We currently reside in North Carolina.

Over the years I have been fortunate to be acquainted with some of the premier breeders in the country. We have maybe one or two litters a year and then only to improve the breed. If a breeding does not show potential to improve the breed then it will not take place in our kennel.

Shadow Mtn™ Labrador Retrievers focuses on all around Chocolate & Black Labrador Retrievers. We provide quality black & chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies from genetically sound AKC/UKC registered parents with OFA/CERF clearances. Occasionally we have older trained labrador retrievers that my be available for placement. Our Labrador Retrievers make excellent pets, family members, obedience dogs or hunting companions.

We are currently active in Labrador Retriever events and training, so if you email us, keep in mind we may be at a show or training event for a few days. We do our very best to answer each and every email individually. Sometimes life does throw us a curve which may cause a delay in our responding to you. So your patience and a gentle reminder is appreciated.

We are currently averaging about 14,000 visitors a month to our web site. Thank you for your interest in Shadow Mtn Labradors.

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