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5 week old black lab puppy checking out the Spring flowers
A 5 week old black lab puppy checking out the Spring flowers

Journey a black lab & a chocolate lab pup take a nap.
Journey a black lab & a chocolate lab pup curl up together & take a nap.

4 Labrador Retriever puppies sleeping next to each other

I must admit I have taken a lot of dog pictures
but the picture above might be my all time favorite.
To view a larger image click on the picture above.

Labrador Retriever chocolate female nursing her puppies

Rockport's Shadow Mtn™ Maysie nursing her pups.

Journey a black Labrador Retriever

chased these wild turkeys just 3 days after giving birth in February 2005

Journey a black Labrador Retriever is shown 4 days after whelping a litter in February 2005.
Here Journey was taking a break from some fun retrieving as she stands in front of an old barn.

Banner shown at 4 months retrieving a duck

Banner a chocolate Labrador Retriever shown retrieving his first duck

Spenser retrieving his first pheasant.

Labrador Pumpkin carved by Nora.

Pumpkin with a Labrador Retriever carved on the side.

Jade jumping over a log after retrieving a bumper.

Labrador Retriever chocolate female puppy.

Kitty goes duck hunting, just like a Labrador Retriever

A labrador retriever kitty goes duck hunting!

Kitty has always thought he was a labrador retriever now he goes duck hunting!

I know it is hard to believe, but this cat has never
had a choice he has always acted like a labrador
& these pictures of him duck hunting only prove it!
I wonder what this pair of mallards think?

January 05 sunset . . .Same sunset below 5 minutes later . . .

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